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Mechatronics Inc. is an Enterprise for Advancement in Computing Technology established in USA with offices in UK, India, China, and Canada.

And it is a provider of KBE / CAD / CAM / CAE / e-Engineering and Computing Solutions for the Automotive industry.
In addition to Systems Engineering and DSM are being utilized for Program Life Cycle Systems Engineering and management solutions.
Mechatronics specializes in providing customized solutions for the automotive industry. We combine our extensive CAD/ CAE/ CAM and e-Engineering expertise with strong understanding of software engineering processes and practices to deliver the most pragmatic solutions to our customers. Mechatronics strives to enhance customers' capabilities by helping them realize their overall objectives in advanced computing (CAD, CAE, CAM, Web and Digital Manufacturing).
Mechatronics provides extensive on-site technical facilities including software tools, CAD/ CAM/ CAE packages and compilers for various programming languages. Mechatronics Network features Telephony and Internet Application Integration through DSL connection with full T1 speed expandable connectivity.


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