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Northville, MI – July, 29 2005 - Mechatronics Inc proudly presents a new suite of applications for the automobile and mechanical engineering domain. The products are the latest set of developments in our pursuit of computing excellence.

Based on our hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the mechanical engineering and KBE domain, we are in a position to present customized solutions for various industries. In our quest to provide value added products, we have developed the following products.

KBE Application Generator

IntelliMECH is the latest in the suite of KBE applications developed. IntelliMECH is an advanced XML based application generator, which deploys new application using the existing application parameters.

Highlights of IntelliMech

  • IntelliMECH allows users (KBE Developers) to easily and dynamically create customized KBE (Knowledge Based Engineering) applications.

  • Single and multiple level parametric dependencies can be defined and tracked using this environment.

  • Parameters can be defined as algebraic expressions to capture some of the geometric rules.

  • Parameter boundaries and constraints can be defined to be able to capture other process rules.

  • Provides a user friendly Graphical Interface for easy generation of XML GUI files without expert knowledge of XML syntax/schema.

  • Provides real time feedback during the generation of various GUI components such as Tabs, Tables, Menus, etc.

  • Legacy applications developed in "C" "C++", "Fortran" can be easily integrated with the new Java User Interface created using this environment.


VkasMech is a pilot application built on top of one of our customer's existing Valve Train KBE applications. VkasMech provides significant enhancements to the existing application, incorporating all the user’s needs and latest technology by providing an extremely User Friendly GUI and Dynamic Interactive Graphics (using Java 2D).

Highlights of VkasMech

  • VkasMech provides a JAVA based Graphics Library which is capable of Dynamic Interactive Graphics.

  • Users can drag and drop control points on the Acceleration Curve resulting in faster turnaround time in design.

  • VkasMech Graphics Library provides multi-graph capability to enable users to perform dynamic competitive benchmarking while designing Accel Curves.

  • The new GUI and Java 2D graphics package has been integrated with one of our customer's existing KBE applications to demonstrate its capability.

  • Similar integration with this new GUI and Dynamic Graphics can be done for other legacy software.

GraphMech – 2D
JAVA 2d Graph

In the continuous pursuit to provide value added solutions to its clients, Mechatronics Inc. presents GraphMech –2D. GraphMech 2D is a java based graph application which seamlessly blends into existing applications. GraphMech 2D builds on the user's requirements of working on multiple graphs / curves singly or in comparison mode. GraphMech 2D incorporates other important GUI aspects like PAN, ZOOM and EDITABLE GRAPHS.

Highlights of MECHGRAPH 2D

  • Based on JAVA 2D, GraphMech 2d eliminates other vendor and application dependencies

  • GraphMech 2D uses existing datasets created by legacy applications and generates the graph, making transition from legacy to JAVA easier.

  • GraphMech 2D allows user to EDIT CURRENT DESIGN CURVES by DRAG AND DROP and

  • PARAMETRIC methods.

  • GraphMech 2D has 30 levels of ZOOM which assists the end user in EDITING THE CURVES, reducing turn around time

  • USER can COMPARE CURVES – multiple ACCL curves or ACCL , VELOCITY & LIFT CURVES in the same frame

  • GraphMech 2D API allows users to synthesize GraphMech 2D into existing application and evoke

  • GraphMech 2D directly.


VisMech is a Value Stream Mapping tool to map and improve material and information flow in a process. The visual representation helps identify the value adding steps in a value system and eliminates the waste in the process, thus yielding improvements in lead-time throughout manufacturing and beyond the factory floor. The tool offers flexibility and ease of use with various options to design process

Highlights of VisMech


  • Runs on Microsoft VISIO © platform

  • Timeline scalable.

  • Editable icons for process customization.

  • Database and Web Integration capabilities.

  • Color coded icons and symbols for visual simplicity.

  • Customizable, easy to install and user-friendly.

    Wire Harness KBE

    Wire Harness KBE (WH_KBE) is a tool which synchronizes data from the start (PA) between ECAD and MCAD. With this tool, there is constant circuit synchronization, therefore, accurate analysis at each step, taking into consideration all manufacturing rules.

    Highlights of WH_KBE

  • Real cost/time savings and quality improvement

  • Maximum accuracy

  • Synchronization is done completely automatically

  • No trouble in exporting and importing files

  • No error as a result of using wrong versions of ECAD or MCAD files

  • Initial routing utilizes MCAD information, therefore complete optimization when router is designed

  • Communication between ECAD and MCAD groups is minimized

  • Generated KBE databases are very comprehensive

  • Constant Analysis Capabilities and netlist generation

Migration/Porting Services

With WINDOWS fast becoming a reliable and secure operating system, Clients are evaluating the costs for transition to WINDOWS. Mechatronics Inc. presents a new line of service to migrate existing UNIX based application to WINDOWS OS. We have successfully developed expertise in migrating Fortran, C, C++, Java and JNI based code from a Sun/HP Unix platform to a Windows platform. Windows Migration is non-intrusive (no change in code), therefore the ACCURACY of the original application is maintained.



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