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Mechatronics Inc. has received the following distinguished awards:

  • Ford Invention Award (2002)

  • Ford Invention Award (submitted-2003)

  • Henry Ford Technology Award (submitted-2003)

  • SAE 2003 World Congress “Drivetrain Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis using VHDL-AMS”

  • SAE 2003 World Congress “Modeling Techniques for the Simulation of a 42-Volt ISG Charging System”

  • SABER Success Award (for Total Vehicle Modeling Simulation)    

  • SABER Success Award (for Intelligent and Restraint System Modeling)    

  • Ford Customer-Driven Quality Award (for Module Interface) 

  • Powertrain Planning Office 2001 Excellence Award

  • V-Engine Engineering V6 Excellence Award

  • SDRC Solution Network Member

  • SAE/CAE Standard Modeling Task Force Co-Chair    

  • 2-D Sensor Probe for drive shaft (Ford/Mechatronics) - Patent Pending    

  • MIT/DSM Conference Presentation

  • Cambridge University, UK, Presentation 

  • Our success stories have been published in exclusive magazines such as Analogy Publications and Communications.    

Breed Technologies uses Saber in a full system simulation to make automobile airbags safer by equipping them with "intelligence".
A university professor uses Saber Designer to help Ford Motor Company and his students gain new perspectives on the engineering design process. At Ford, his simulations identified the previously overlooked wire harness as having a significant impact on overall system performance.



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