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  • “I’d like to thank you and your fine employees for the useful tools your team helped develop.  Their diligence and hard work have made this fast turnaround possible.  GUI front-end integration and tool deployment closes this loop of success.” – Ford Supervisor

  • “This problem plagued us for years and your employees fixed it.  They have done a good job of taking on the project on as their own with only little guidance.”- Ford Customer

  • “I would like to acknowledge the extra effort and dedication your employee has shown to help improve overall robustness of PowerKIT.  He has exceeded my expectations on several occasions.” – Ford Customer

  • “I want to express my extreme pleasure for your employee’s work.  He has produced great work and will continue to be an integral member of our team.” – Visteon Supervisor

  •  “The level of support we have received has been outstanding.  They have worked as a cohesive team to insure they meet our timing and expectation.” – Ford Supervisor

  • “Your engineer is working diligently with good speed and quality and we would like to make him a candidate for any internal awards program you may have.”  - Ford Supervisor

  • “I want to acknowledge the fine effort that your engineers have put into the development of the ELOADS GUI for the NFO program.  It was accomplished in a timely manner.” – Ford Customer

  • “I’d like to extend congratulations to the team on the job well-done for the KBE-VisVSA tool development.  I was pleasantly surprised that you have done so much in such short time frame.” – Ford Manager

  • “Thank you for the outstanding support we get from your team.” – Ford Customer

  • “I would like to congratulate each one of you on the APDM team for making this happen.  My sincere appreciation for all the extra hours you had to put in.  It was your dedication and commitment, which made us achieve this.  Thank you all for the outstanding job!  You deserve it!!” – Ford Supervisor

  • “I would especially like to thank your engineer and his team lead, who developed and made the tool do all the things the Stack-Up Team asked for.  The tool will not only be used by the people in PT but by Ford Motor Company worldwide.” – Ford Customer


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