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Mechatronics' SE and product development division offers services that provide Total Systems Management Optimization utilizing:

  • Design Structure Matrix method 

  • IEEE Standard 1204 

  • Analytical methods 

  • Product Development 

  • Product Requirement 

  • Systems Communications 

  • Systems Complexity 

  • Systems Input/Output Relationship 

  • Internal/External to Enterprise 

A complete cycle of a typical System Engineering Process involves:

a) Capturing the following System Parameters:

  • Requirement 

  • Objectives (Data Sheet, Designer Data, Experimental Data) 

  • Process, System Engineering Characteristics, Transfer Function, Block Diagram,

  • Input/Output Relationship 

  • Architecture 

  • Symbol, Schematic, Attributes, Block diagram, Signal Flow Diagram 

  • CAD/CAE/CAM/PIM Requirements

  • External to Enterprise 

b) Developing the following:

  • Worst Case Plan 

  • Process and Engineering Analysis Plan 

  • CAD/CAE Plan 

  • Process Management and Failure Mode Analysis Plan 

  • Verification, Validation, Quality Control and Robustness Plan 

  • Integration of Hardware/Software/Liveware Plan 

  • Deliverable and Book Shelving Plan 

  • Web-Based Online Data Management Plan


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