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Mechatronics' CAD division specializes in generation of solid and surface models and design of components, subsystems and assemblies conforming to engineering specifications of varying levels of complexity in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering areas.

Examples of CAD services include:

  • CAD Tools Development and Support 

  • Drawing Automation Tools for Engine Components 

  • Enhance Design Tools for Automobile Components 

  • Conduct Feasibility Study, Develop Work plan Methodology and Standard

  • Engineering Design Specifications

  • Extract Components / Sub Components / System Information 

  • Develop Software Toolkits and Libraries 

  • Install and Provide Training for CAD software applications 

  • Develop and Document Process Guidelines and User Manuals 

  • Support and Train Design Engineers 

  • Project and Provide Management Data Coordination and Reporting 

  • Test, Report and Resolve CAD tools with new versions of software 

  • EDS Component/Subsystem/System Symbol Creation

A sample of the CAD tools utilized are as follows:

Mechanical Engineering  

  • AutoCAD


  • I-DEAS

  • ProEngineer

  • UG

Electrical Engineering  

  • ViewLogic

  • Simulink

  • Schematic Capture Tools (PSpice)

Software Tools

  • C++

  • Java

  • Open I-DEAS

  • UIMX


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