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  Bore Wear Database e-Engineering Tool    

A database to store engine bore wear test data and the engine teardown reports. The web-based user interface allows users to use a browser to upload, search, and view the bore wear test data and reports.

  FTP_PAH Automated Transfer    

The FTP_PAH tool is a convenient JAVA based utility program that allows CAD users to transfer CAD data to and from suppliers via the FTP_PAH servers. The tool allows user to login to the remote server, select the file to import/export, untars and uncompresse it automatically and either imports or exports to the CAD Data Management system.

  Value Stream Mapping Tool (VISMECH)    





VISMECH is a Value Stream Mapping software tool to map and improve material and information flow in a process. The visual representation helps identify the value adding steps in a value stream and eliminate the waste in the process yielding improvements in lead-time throughout manufacturing, and beyond the factory floor. This tool provides the ability to adjust the process flowchart based on a customizable Timeline. The tool offers flexibility and ease of use with various options to design the process with a range of icons and symbols.


To be released in June 2003, the second version of VISMECH delivers the new standard in reliability and performance. VISMECH is designed for businesses of all sizes and for users who demand the most from their Value Stream Mapping experience. Built on the proven Microsoft Visio Professional platform, VISMECH delivers a reliable foundation you can count on in mapping the process. VISMECH is currently used by Global Efficiency Department, Powertrain Operations at Ford Motor Company, and The University of Michigan.

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  Personnel Development Planning System    

The Personnel Development Planning System (PDPS) is designed to aid the VEE PDC5 committee in tracking the career development status and plans of GSR level employees within the V-Engine Engineering Organization. This easy-to-use online tool provides efficient data entry, customizable reports, effective communication, and serves as a central repository for the career development plans of VEE GSR-level employees.

  Warranty Critical Issue List (WCIL)    

"WCIL (Warranty Critical Issue List) is a Java based software tool that provides an automated solution to derive the top warranty issues for the V Engine Engineering (Vehicle, Engine, Part Level) at Ford Motor Company. Raw data from AWS is analyzed, processed and compiled into the BSAQ report for VEE.

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