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  Engine Multi-Body Dynamic Analysis Tool    

This software provides for engine design involving multibody dynamic analysis. It automates the prediction of engine parameters under a wide range of operating conditions with 3-D post processing capability.

  Engine Force/Load Analysis  Tool    

This software is a suite of solutions that compute engine forces for various engine loading scenarios. The output can provide data to the variety of applications such as NASTRAN and it can be used for graphical visualization, vehicle response analysis and NVH analysis.

  Gasket Analysis Tool    

This software computes parameters for cylinder head gasket durability analysis, and automates graphical interpretation of the same.

  CFD Tool for Torque Conversion    

This CFD tool allows the user to automatically generate computational meshes for all given torque converter geometries. It also can provide data to the server and it can display important results. Major characteristics such as torque ratio, efficiency versus speed ratio, and pressure distribution and the pressure load.

  Mesh Cleanup Tool    

This tool evaluates and repairs mesh used for  creation of FE mesh. The tool perform the task of reshaping/removing elements to improve the overall quality of the surface mesh. The surface mesh can then be read by a solid mesher to generate a tetrahedral solid element mesh.

  NVH Analysis Tool for AC and SA methods  

The tool facilitates NVH analysis involving post-processing of NASTRAN forced harmonic response to compute different types of frequency spectrum as a measure of noise. The spectrum is used for grid-points, grid-mesh or element mesh applied to AC, SA method.

  PowerTrain Plotting Tool    

DSP method is used for development of this tool which can contribute to accuracy of the data. It also provides graphical interpretation of the output.

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